Our rooms

The Grange is small family-oriented centre that believes in quality over quantity. We have small group numbers so that your child may receive the quality care and interactions they deserve.

Our Under Two room has a maximum of 8 children, and our Over Two room has a maximum of 29 children.

Our Under Two room

In this room, we have a ratio of 1 teacher to 3 children (Min. of Ed.: 1:5). The children in this room learn through active exploration of their environment as well as through quality interactions with their teachers.

We provide a rich learning environment where individual needs are of the utmost importance and where children have many opportunities to engage in sensory activities, explore cause and effect, and develop their gross and fine motor skills.

The teacher-child ratios in this room allow us to work with and alongside parents to ensure that every child has the highest quality care possible.

Over Two room

2 year-old children

Our ratio is 2 teachers to 10 children (Min. of Ed.: 2:20). Two-year-old children love to explore their environment as well as establish friendships with other children.

Our excellent teacher-child ratios enable us to work closely with children to develop the social skills they will need throughout their lives.

In addition to our specific programme for 2-year-olds, we organize fun and educational experiences daily, working with the children to ensure that their individual needs, interests, and strengths are catered to.

Over Two room

3-4 year-old children (Tuakanas)

Our ratio is 2 teachers to 14 children (Min. of Ed.: 2:20). As these children prepare for school, we offer them a rich environment in which they can further develop their friendships by caring for each other and those who are younger.

Here, children learn to develop their creativity and confidence. You will be amazed at what your child will achieve in readiness for their next step in life!

Children at this age show a keen interest in our specialised programmes: literacy, math, technology, science, music, art, and fitness.

We hold a special graduation ceremony when your child turns 5 years of age. We encourage you to attend your child’s special last day.

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